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What is a publisher?

At Brandreward, we define a publisher as a digital influencer or a digital content provider with a clear purpose. The term “publisher” covers a large array of digital blogs, websites, forums, platforms, mobile apps, web apps, content networks, ecommerce sites, media websites or other sites with published content that might be looking for an exciting new, more optimized or customized way to earn money from their quality content. If you are unsure if you fit our definition of a potential publisher, then just ask us through the contact form
Do you belong and still looking for a simple and efficient way to monetize your content? Then you are exactly right here! As a Brandreward member, you can partner with online shops (advertisers) and integrate their content into your website in a variety of ways


  • 85% Commission Policy

    Our 85% commission policy ensures publishers get the most per sale, not only the 75% that is industry average. There are various ways to earn even more, but just check with an account manager to learn more. We even have a cool referral program, so don’t be shy and say hello!

  • Transparency

    The monetization path for every publisher can really vary, so we provide full transparency regarding our advertisers and offer customized monetization options so our publishers can select the right advertisers, increase content quality and build the most effective monetization journey possible.

  • Real People, Real Advice

    Brand leads a complete content monetization team. Get qualified conversion advice from our group of monetization consultants with over 8+ years of hands-on experience in the content field. We work closely with each publisher to educate and increase results. We’re the geeks that love helping our clients earn money.

  • No Fluff Policy

    Brand doesn’t like marketing fluff. Publishers get what they see and our account managers are readily available to help when needed. We’re the bulldogs making sure every publisher gets the revenue they deserve and work around the clock to relentlessly push our technology to be the best solution in the market.

  • Global Brands

    Our partnership team absolutely loves building relationships with our advertisers, so publishers get to work with and earn from a very diverse range of advertisers that spans industries, countries and brand recognition. There are so many ways to create your monetization journey with us, so let our team suggest a customized experience.

  • Innovative Technology

    Brandreward has a real-time advertiser system, ensuring publishers have the highest possible commission at the time of each sale and that links are live and commissionable across servers in 3 different countries. Our Tech Team also loves to dabble with innovation, because we believe everything is possible, so feel free to contact us with feedback or ideas.

What is an Advertiser?

Advertisers are brands that supply goods or services to end consumers and are looking to find and connect with qualified published content websites, platforms or apps that can help increase brand awareness, traffic, sales and domestic or international reach.

The digital marketing environment is changing faster than ever before. Navigating the digital space is not always the easiest and many brands do not have the time, knowledge, man-power or capital to engage with influencers and content providers. Brandreward offers brands the ability to quickly open up and partner or collaborate with new global influencers and content providers in one go.

Effectiveness of our Method

Ultimately, partnering with Brandreward allows peace of mind. Our Partnerships Team work around the clock to ensure every brand receives effective and relevant branding, traffic and conversions. Since each brand has a different business focus, our Partnership Team works closely with our Tech Team to align each and every requirement, restriction and need to allow the most effective performance possible through our system.

Our system learns over time, so our partnership team drives exponential results for our brand partners after various rounds of testing. Once the most effective mix of influencers and content providers has been created then proper matching occurs, which then translates to real results for our brand partners. Our system takes into account over 8+ criteria in order to confirm publisher to advertiser matches.