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About Brandreward

Brandreward is a full service platform for high-quality content providers to instantly find, connect and integrate with the world's most coveted brands through customized monetization solutions.

Brandreward was created to help content networks, apps and websites realize the “real value” of their content by easily and effortlessly monetizing through a complete platform solution. This belief is intrinsically tied to our company culture and is a big part of why we work hard to get feedback and rollout new features every quarter.

Our team is always open to discuss collaboration opportunities and ideas with like-minded companies; it's some of the most exciting part of our work! These creative discussions can make the impossible turn possible.

Meet Our Team

The Brandreward Team

Brandreward has been in the making since 2008, when two IT whiz kids quit their high-paying engineering jobs to develop technologies to help consumers. Brandreward is their 3rd startup and has evolved into a tight-knit team of 20+ IT geeks and monetization experts with over 8 years of international experience in the content and performance marketing industries.

Why Work With Us?

Pure and simple, we focus on results. Our company has one strong belief, that everything digital can be monetized. Our team loves to help publishers analyze, understand and generate the “real value” of their content. Unlike other companies, we pass on 85% of each sale and take pride in commission transparency. We don’t earn unless you earn as well.