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Defining an Advertiser

Advertisers are brands that supply goods or services to end consumers and are looking to find and connect with qualified published content websites, platforms or apps that can help increase brand awareness, traffic, sales and domestic or international reach.

Collaborate with Global Influencers

The digital marketing environment is changing faster than ever before. Navigating the digital space is not always the easiest and many brands do not have the time, knowledge, man-power or capital to engage with influencers and content providers. Brandreward offers brands the ability to quickly open up and partner or collaborate with new global influencers and content providers in one go.

Effectiveness of our Method

Ultimately, partnering with Brandreward allows peace of mind. Our Partnerships Team work around the clock to ensure every brand receives effective and relevant branding, traffic and conversions. Since each brand has a different business focus, our Partnership Team works closely with our Tech Team to align each and every requirement, restriction and need to allow the most effective performance possible through our system.

Our system learns over time, so our partnership team drives exponential results for our brand partners after various rounds of testing. Once the most effective mix of influencers and content providers has been created then proper matching occurs, which then translates to real results for our brand partners. Our system takes into account over 8+ criteria in order to confirm publisher to advertiser matches.

Innovation, Innovation, Innovation

Our team at Brandreward is not motivated to only create a unique tech solution, but a new type of digital marketing channel. The digital space is one of the fastest evolving environments for marketing and innovation is key to creating a lasting and exciting channel. Our entire system is built on innovative features and we continuously integrate new technology to make it the best possible solution available for our brands and content clients.

Working with Brandreward

If you are a potential advertiser and would like to join our Brandreward advertiser program to connect with influencers and content providers, please feel free to get in touch below. Our friendly Innovations Team would also be happy to hear from advertisers regarding partnership ideas, collaborative proposals or just gain feedback. You can contact our Innovations Team through the contact form below as well.

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